Airing-Inspired "Airz" Breathing Mask

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Inspired by the Airing, this micro CPAP device comes uniquely with no hoses, cords or masks. Present society sees too many people suffering from sleep apnea, most of whom do not wear their CPAP masks. It's inevitable, given the poor design of those masks and the inconvenience they pose. Traditional masks also require cleaning, which is the last thing the busy metropolitan needs. We're here to liberate people suffering from sleep apnea. Absolutely no cleaning needed, the "Airz" Breathing Mask is designed for one night's use and is recyclable. The inhalation and exhalation vents ensure a smooth flow of air, without the hassle of straps and hoses tying you down. 

Each pack comes in a set of 5. 

Restful nights for you and your partner awaits! 


It's the perfect gift for someone suffering from sleep apnea or your loved ones!

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