The "Mighty" Mug

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 Mighty Mug is the first mug that won’t tip over if you accidentally bump into it, but lifts straight up just like any other mug. It is the smartest drinks mug you will ever own. Designed to prevent spillages on your computer, papers or school work, it is also excellent for travelling, caravanning and sailing through choppy seas.

Smartgrip is a new, patented technology that prevents Mighty Mug from falling over when you accidentally knock into it. Simply place on any smooth, flat, solid surface and the suction-style base will grip instantly, preventing you from knocking your drink over by mistake if you hit it. The Smartgrip base only releases its grip if you lift it straight upwards, holding it above the wavy line.

Suitable for hot and cold beverages, Mighty Mug is made with a double wall construction which keeps your drinks hot or cold for longer. The lid is locked and unlocked using a simple one touch button, to prevent leaks if you are carrying your mug around, and you can drink from anywhere around the 360° Drinking Lid.

It's the perfect gift for your Man at work and your loved ones!

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